About Us

Tatjana Krak, founder and owner of  KRart design studio, graduated architecture at the University of Belgrade in 1996, gaining the title of an architectural engineer. Right afterward, she starts to work and as a chief designer works on a series of projects, both in Serbia and international, including her first independent project, business residential complex “Dukat” in Šabac in 2004. 


After more than two decades of working on highly publicized projects for other firms and companies, Tatjana enters into entrepreneurial waters and founds KRart in 2009. Since then, KRart signs a series of projects, including “Elixir Group” headquarters in Novi Sad which realization took more than 5 years and for what KRart was in charge from a very beginning. 

KRart team consists of fully-trained architectural engineers and interior designers, focused on providing the best services on the market. Besides Tatjana Krak, KRart team counts permanent associates as well as more than 20 external associates.

KRart together with its associates offers complete design services for both residential and commercial buildings, houses, apartments etc

Our services include:

  • Consulting – supervising, coordination;

  • Exteriors – residential and commercial buildings, houses, apartments, etc;

  • Interiors - apartments, houses, offices etc;


Our goal is to turn your wishes into reality. 



Tatjana Krak i Ana Beljanski

Tatjana Krak i Ana Beljanski